Unleash the Gore

by Dead Meat

Worms... I can’t move but I can see Worms eating my flesh I can’t feel but I can smell Worms eating me alive Worms, worms, the worms The open wounds invite parasites They will be consumers of exposed flesh Feast, feast little worms Worms, worms, the worms They are worms, they are inside They are worms, I will die Worms, worms, the worms Worms’ segregation Let the tissue of the flesh asleep Soon I’ll die, soon I’ll sleep Feast, feast little worms They are worms, they are inside They are worms, I will die They are worms, they are inside
Killing Mode 03:48
The rising sun Wakes you up, soaked in blood No idea what happened You don't remember anything Memory failures occur regularly, followed by a morbid case What you dream, is the next day's reality Sleep-walker psycho killer, you're in killing mode Sleep-walker psycho killer, you're in killing mode Psychotic disorder No explanation for that Only sleep reveals the truth Animal with insatiable blood thirst Kill just for pleasure You are just in killing mode Sleep-walker psycho killer, you're in killing mode Sleep-walker psycho killer, you're in killing mode
Exit life all ye who enter here No hope in sight when Their flesh meets mine It's a bloodbath by candlelight Call it a morbid ritual A sacrament of death Call it a chainsaw miracle My cadaveric wrath All is broken limbs All is shattered bones All gouging guts for My corpse like dreams Their bodies torn apart And I cannot get enough I crave only for their putrid larvae breath The bloodfest is nigh Deranged visions are high Their lungs in slices Skin boiled and peeled off In verminous blasphemy According to my appetite Ripping through their souls This is my birthnight Such an epic whorrocaust To my goremost gallery There's a party at morgue Cold and heartless, the abhorrent Sideways with the many horned A monument for the scorned My scalpel is my sword From dusk til morn Assemble here and you will see Carnage was never a mystery to me
Carnivorous 03:31
I was a young boy enjoying my life Like any other boy at my age Full of joy and full of happiness But you took that away from me If I wasn't there, you'd take another If I wasn't there, another would've been sacrificed If I wasn't there, I wouldn't've lost my youth My life would be so much easier Now it's time to get my revenge To make your life shit Sacrifice your flesh and blood In the name of your victims You will die very slowly I'm the reaper, you are a scum I'm the reaper, fuck you and die Suffering at my hands A relief of abuse Finally I am free Now it's time to unleash my anger, my fear And kill the scum that made me live like this Kill him with no mercy or pity Kill him, he deserves the worst, kill him
Human flesh to consume The lovely taste of human flesh The lovely smell of human body Dismembered corpse On my table they rest Waiting just for My hands to smash Tender flesh, my teeth rips Blood flows, through my lips Delighted I am, for this feast Nothing better, than humans at my feet Through debauchery I satisfy my sins Delicious taste of human meat Is not just a dream for me It’s a pleasure to die for A desire for more I'm a carnivore I do not eat just whore I'm a carnivore I love the gore I love the dead Human dead Is only meat Meat to consume


Catalog #: MIASMA011CD2020
Artist: Dead Meat
EP: Unleash the Gore
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Portugal


released March 20, 2020

All songs by Dead Meat.
Mixed and mastered by Miguel Tereso at Demigod Recordings Studios.
Drums recorded at Demigod Recordings Studios.
Bass recorded by João Jacinto.
Artwork by Rudi Yanto of Gorgingsuicide Art.
Design & layout by Marco Martins of Miasma Records.
Lyrics of “Party at the Morgue” by Neri.


all rights reserved



Miasma Records Portugal

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